Virtual Construction

HFI’s Virtual Construction Team provides an avenue for connecting your construction team, designers, and clients during the early stages of a project.

The utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) affords the opportunity to build projects virtually before the project team begins construction.  By increasing communication and collaboration, a better path for safely planning work, increasing fabrication opportunities, and creating more efficient schedules, results in lower costs to you.

Our team utilizes Revit, AutoCAD, 3D laser scans, clash detection software, and robotic layout for improved coordination in all phases going from initial modeling all the way to layout of the coordinated work.  HFI regularly leads clash detection meetings while we coordinate all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection work throughout the building.

Services Offered

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

  • Facilitate collaboration between all parties to produce a fully coordinated installation with the utilization of a 3D model.
  • Acting as a member of the project coordination team and detailing out the plumbing and mechanical work associated with HFI’s scope of work.
  • In addition to detailing our own work, some projects involve us as the leaders of the coordination process. We will provide clash detection with all of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection work throughout the building.
  • Providing detailing services for other subcontractors and/or clients.

3D Modeling and Design Services

  • 3D Modeling of plumbing, mechanical, sheet metal, and electrical components.
  • Utilize point clouds to create accurate models of existing buildings and utilities.
  • Design assist services.

Fabrication & Spool Drawings

  • Provide turn key modeling and spool drawings for fabrication projects.
  • We take the coordinated information and produce spool drawings when applicable to provide the necessary information for fabrication.
  • Some jobs do not have a coordination effort with all of the trades. In those cases, we will take the opportunity to layout areas of the project that have minimal chances of causing collisions in the field and then fabricate them.
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Penthouses
    • Bathroom Chases
    • Underground


  • Providing robotic layout and/or dimensioned drawings for underground layout, stub up points, sleeve placement, hanger locations, coordinated trade work locations, equipment locations, drawings for field installation of coordinated piping systems, etc.

3D Laser Scanning/Point Cloud Creation

  • Increase efficiency and accuracy of data collection.
  • Reduce the number of times a jobsite must be visited.
  • Data collection with the Trimble Total Station.

Virtual Construction Consulting

  • Setting up Virtual Construction in your company or for a project.
  • Provide direction in software rollout.
  • Provide training and best practices.

If your project is going to involve the Virtual Construction team you will need the following items at a minimum to get started on the layout of your project.

  • Revit and/or CAD files from the Architect & Engineer.
  • Project Plans – full set including addenda.
  • Project Specs.
  • Approved Project submittals.
  • Project Schedule.
  • Employment