October 2014

IU Optometry LARC & Optics Lab

Indiana University School of OptometryHarrell-Fish is completing the first phase of the Fourth Floor project for Indiana University at IU Optometry. In this phase HFI installed a new air handler and condensing units for the LARC (Lab Animal Resource Center) area. The unique design of this unit included two separate air tunnels with 2 HW Coils, 2 CW Coils, and 2 Fans.

MacAllister Open House

MacAllisterIt was an honor to be a part of the newly renovated MacAllister Machinery facility. Several HFI personnel were able to attend the Open House on October 16th hosted by Scott MacAllister. Staff attending included Steve Dawson, Mike Livingston, Bret Collignon, Nancy Baldwin, & Tim “Rudy”

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