July 2014

It’s What’s Going On At IU!
IU Kelley School of Business Renovation

This project will be worked in 8 phases allowing students to
have occupancy in different areas or floors while construction
is going on in other areas. It also allows work to take place,
keeping students and faculty safe.

Wright Quad

Wright Quad KitchenThis photo shows an AHU being lifted to the kitchen roof
of Wright Quad. The kitchen is being completely renovated this
summer. Chris Summers, Barry Sego, and Troy Sego all working the IU
Wright Quad Kitchen AHU installation.

HFI at Monroe County Fair
The Fair I hope you saw our booth & tent in the commercial
building at the Monroe County Fair. We will be
featuring the PureWash Laundry System and
talking about the variety of services we can offer
our Residential and Commercial Clients. Contact us today for more information.

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