January 2015

Babbs’ Grocery Grab

Babbs' Grocery GrabThis year was the 3rd Annual Babbs’ Grocery Grab sponsored by HFI in cooperation with Duncan Supply. There were over 1000 entries to the Babbs Grocery Grab! The lucky winner was Leigh Ann Bow a Pharmacy Tech at the Spencer Wal-Mart. We are happy to sponsor this event! Pictured: Charlie Hamilton, Babbs Manager; Mike Hupp, HFI Service Manager; Leigh Ann Bow, winner; & Rob Babbs, Store Owner.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning DiagramIt’s a dirty business – and HFI does it!

The grease traps are typically a concrete vault that is built into the wastewater piping and located below ground. Traps/Interceptors must be pumped out completely at least once every 90 days or more frequently as dictated by the 25% rule.


Grease Trap Cleaning DiagramKnow of a Food Service Establishment that may need our Grease Pumping Service? Our experienced Account Managers will talk with you about your specific grease retention equipment and make recommendations for installation and cleaning based on usage. Call us at 812-339-2579 to talk to one of our professionals today.

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