Commercial Reducing HVAC Costs

Reducing HVAC Costs
Many people don’t understand how implementing Planned Maintenance  lowers the total ownership costs of an HVAC system. See the example below for an explanation along with some other benefits you may never have considered.

Roof top unit No PM Plan HFI PM Plan
Installed unit cost 20,000 20,000
Cost for energy to operate unit* 27,000 23,400
Cost for planned maintenance* 0 3,750
Cost for repairs* 15,000 2,000
Total HVAC cost (add 1-4) 62,000 49,150
Total Annual Cost of Ownership 4,133 3,275

* During the life of the unit (15 years)

The total HVAC cost divided by the number of years the equipment is in service; results in your unit cost per year. (The industry standard for the useful economic life expectancy of a rooftop HVAC unit is 12 to 15 years.) A rooftop unit is expensive to purchase, maintain, operate and replace. By instituting a comprehensive Planned Maintenance Program, you will increase your efficiency, save energy and experience fewer breakdowns — ultimately spending less money.

Benefits of planned maintenance programs also include:

  • Increased employee productivity by providing a comfortable, clean work environment. By introducing outside or fresh air, you will flush out volatile organic compounds and improve your indoor air quality. If your air filters are changed regularly and the proper amount of outside or fresh air is introduced into your facility, your employees will be healthier.
  • Providing a comfortable workplace can reduce employee turnover. If an employee is uncomfortable on the job he might begin looking for better working conditions.
  • A steady flow to your operation because there is no disruption caused by unplanned breakdowns.
  • Cost savings—surveys indicate that breakdown repairs cost three times more than Planned Maintenance.
  • The potential for increased sales because the customer is more comfortable and is willing to spend more time in your store.
  • Comprehensive maintenance will extend the useful economic life of your units, reduce your energy costs and reduce your breakdown repair costs.

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Reducing Commercial HVAC Costs
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Reducing Commercial HVAC Costs
Many people don't understand how implementing a preventive maintenance plan lowers the total ownership costs of an HVAC system.
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